iMpuls Sport

We should move daily. Whether we do this by exercising intensively, hiking or relaxing walks is not crucial. The main thing is we do it. Ideal are at least 2.5 hours of exercise a week at medium intensity. iMpuls Sport is the biggest Swiss retailers sports platform. To announce the 2018 running-season we produced a line of Photographs currently used in Social Media, Print and for posters in Switzerland.

This outdoor photo shooting was on point, not only our models had sweat drops on their forehead. The entire team worked effortlessly to make this weather permitting outdoor shoot possible. We had a great crew and cool locations throughout the city of Zurich.


Production in cooperation with LIV Creatives

I would like to thank:

iMpuls Sport:
Christin Eigenmann (Project Lead Sponsoring), Désirée Poffet (Project Lead Communication Health)

Andrea Klainguti (Art Director), Nuria Büchi (Brand Director), Stefan Ruegg (Video Producer)

And the rest of the Team:
Gabi Vogt (Photographer), Warren Matti (Photography Assistant), Mina Monsef (Photography Assistant), Gabriel De Fries (Styling Hair & Make-up), Claudia Innocenti (Wardrobe Styling)