We think of the unthinkable, manage the unmanageable, solve the unsolvable.

Photo shootings can be messy, video productions can quickly run out of time and event planning can make you and your team feel overwhelmed. With Joyce McInnis Production your photo shooting will become well-arranged, your video production will be effective and time efficient, and your event planning will be fun. By managing people, places and things with good measure and a cheerful banter, we help you produce work that inspires, provokes and excites. 

As every production process is a bit different, we provide you with a custom-made service any time during your process. Whether from the beginning to the end or on the last minute you can count on our expertise.

The end result is a worry-free environment, allowing agencies, photographers and clients to focus on the creative aspect of their work and ultimately, the production of your world class product. The extent of our involvement is up to you.

We genuinely love what we do and the awe-inspiring people we get to do it with. We believe that happy people work harder and with better results. Don’t you?


our services include

photo & video production

EVent production & direction

on site / set support

project management

Social media support

invitation process support

art buying


budget management

location scouting & Management

crew selection and coordination


permits and carnets

lighting and equipment rental

technical support

props & set design /
set construction

food styling

Transport, freight &
Travel Arrangements

catering services




Joyce mcinnis

owner & producer

Joyce provides a premier service across all aspects of her work, arranging a photo, film or event production from beginning to end – or just a part of it! Her goal is to offer seamless support so that the photographer, agency and client are free to do their job.

With an extensive background in the production and project management business, she ensures each production is executed with efficiency, care and that little extra touch. Joyce makes it happen and she makes it fun!

Along with her quirky energy, Joyce is well known for her solution-oriented and hands-on mentality.

She’s got your back.

Warren_High Res.jpeg

Andreas Warren Matti

CO- Producer

Warren has been working in commercial fields of photography as early as 2009. Since, he has worked very closely with renowned photographers, commercial agencies and clients. His knowledge of the trade is superior and widespread.

He understands the clients need, makes wishes come true and knows when to step back or to kick in – this to an amazing extent.

Warren is a valuable asset to have on set and therefore an excellent co-producer.