Micasa Xmas 2018

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

While it was still one of the hottest summer outside, we got to shoot the Micasa Xmas 2018 Flyer and had a blast. Decorating Christmas Trees in shorts and t-shirt, eating Raclette, that melted by itself and singing Christmas carols, we had a very creative and fun shooting and therefore are super proud to present the brand new flyer.


We would like to thank:

Priyantha Prabagaran (Project Lead Micasa)

Beling Thoenen:
Ulrike Beling (Art Direction and Creative)

And the rest of the Team:
Véronique Hoegger (Photographer), Natalija Počuča (Interior Styling),
Ana Strika (Styling Assistant), Alois Jauch (Photography Assistant),
Etienne Messikommer (Photography Assistant),
Gabriel de Fries (Styling Hair & Make-up), Steffanie Hille (Wardrobe Styling), Warren Matti (Production Assistant)