Micasa offers a range that is made for your everyday life. At Micasa, customers will find clever solutions, a modern style and good quality at reasonable prices. In the areas of bedroom interiors, home textiles, lighting and home accessories, Micasa occupies a leading position in the furnishing market.

I am proud to be part of a well-established team, working tirelessly hand in hand for 2 catalogues a year. Often tackling unforeseen circumstances due to the complexity of shooting in private location, we grow stronger as a team.


I would like to thank:

Larissa Moser (Project Lead Marketing-Kommunikation Micasa)

Beling Thoenen:
Ulrike Beling (Art Direction and Creative)

LIV creatives:
Annick Engeli (Art Direction)

And the rest of the Team:
Rita Palanikumar (Photographer), Aleli Leal (Interior Styling), Andri Müller (Styling Assistant), Mina Monsef (Photography Assistant), Simon Habegger (Photography Assistant), Sophia Sing (Styling Hair & Make-up), Steffanie Hille (Wardrobe Styling), Warren Matti (Production Assistant)